High performance with idiomatic Kotlin

🧐 What idiomatic Kotlin means

🧐 What performance means

“How Loading Time Affects Your Bottom Line” by Neil Patel

1. Memory management = Garbage Collection

2. Heap fragmentation

3. Resource and memory leaks

4. Slow rendering

💡 Hint 1: Pure functions for parallel processing on multiple CPUs

💡 Hint 2: The high-order functions to reuse the code

💡 Hint 3: Lambdas to treat functions as values

💡 Hint 4: Inline functions and reified types

Generated Java code for the main() Kotlin function

💡 Hint 5: Collections & Sequences

💡 Hint 6: Immutability

💡 Hint 7: Disposable pattern

💡 Hint 8: String templates

💡 Hint 9: @JvmField

💡 Hint 10: Ranges





Engineering Manager @Adobe | Android @GoogleDevExpert | Blogger, Speaker, Trainer #android #kotlin #gde #agile #leadership

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Magda Miu

Magda Miu

Engineering Manager @Adobe | Android @GoogleDevExpert | Blogger, Speaker, Trainer #android #kotlin #gde #agile #leadership

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